Barapa Land & Water provide a range of services to Local Government organisations (Bendigo Shire Council) and State Government agencies such as DELWP. Bapara have a team of trained employees ready to undertake a range of services for these organisations including land management, Cultural Burns, Civil engineering works, pest and weed control and Aboriginal Site Assessment & Planning. Our team is supplied with all the equipment needed to undertake your jobs, big or small. We are a small and nimble organisation who work closely to understand our clients’ needs and ensure that our team excels to deliver what you need.



The team at Barapa Land & Water are available to tackle any project you may have when it comes to landcare, land regeneration, landscaping, civil engineering and burns. While we primarily work for the non-residential segment we are happy to be engaged to help you understand how our services can assist you in any way. One example of this is the engagement to undertake cultural burns on property in order to prepare for fire season and care for your land, check out the services for more information on the work we can undertake.



The team at Barapa Land & Water are able to work with you on ensuring the natural environment surrounding your renewable energy farm is supporting both the environment and your investment. Planting the right native species within the farm and maintaining the land and vegetation growth enable you to maximise the investment in the solar equipment while maintaining the environment for optimal use going forward. Our knowledge of and connection to the natural landscape allows us to design and implement the right solution for your needs and maintain it ongoing.