Barapa Land and Water is a cultural heritage, land and water management Aboriginal enterprise based in Bendigo, Victoria, servicing Barapa Barapa Country (Gannawarra/Loddon Shire) area. We are incredibly proud to be an 100% Aboriginal owned and operated, not for profit, sole trader. We are a business looking to establish a strong foundation to support and enable cultural preservation along with employment, training, and education for Barapa Barapa people.

Our work focuses on the traditional lands of the Barapa Barapa people, land and water management. Working with and guiding public and private land managers, including Parks Vic, DEECA, Shires Private individuals and companies to providing strategy, policy development, planning services to support, enable and facilitate civil works, pest weed and animal control, fencing, revegetation and cultural heritage preservation. The traditional lands of the Barapa people extend from the Gunbower Forest down the Murray River towards Swan Hill and include the towns of Kerang and Koondrook.

Initially Barapa Land & Water started out with a focus on traditional cultural works, consisting of site identification and some land management projects. With increased interest we continue to expand our range of services. Barapa Land & Water now supports grant delivery through the State as well as private contracts, and looks to service a role of more general "Land Management".

One of the focuses of the team has been on returning cultural fire to Barapa Country.  The use of these practices is a way of not only healing Country but healing ourselves.   There are additional benefits of protecting assets, preparing for fire season, supporting the revegetation of damaged areas and encouraging native plant growth. We would like this practice to be accessible use for all land managers with a grater knowledge and understanding, working in partnership with TO's manage the land using traditional fire practices.

We are passionate about working closely with the neighboring Traditional Owners and have on many occasions formed partnerships to meet an environmental need.


Equality for all members of the community, including Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people

Care for ancestral land, cultural sites, environment and community.

Excellence in customer delivery, ensuring works are executed with urgency, agility and a
positive attitude.

Integrity in how we conduct business and maintaining honesty and transparency in our



  • A 100% Aboriginal Owned organisation, actively engaged in social and economic development activities in the region
  • Capable management team with industry experience
  • Strong cultural ties and intimate knowledge of the land and community
  • Customer centric with clear understanding of customer needs and pain points
  • Committed to excellence in service delivery and execution
  • Experienced and trained staff supported by inhouse plants and equipment required for the job
  • Extended professional network and close ties with the neighbouring Traditional Owners of the land 


We aim to engage, train and employ more Barapa Barapa community, share knowledge and skills and engage with the wider community in a regular and meaningful way. Providing our people the opportunity to work on the land connecting to their cultural heritage while managing land issues for the community, including pest management, land revegetation, and fire management which improve the health of our environment while developing and growing the skills of individuals within our community.



Preparing for fire season is so important across Australia, the right preparation can help protect our assets, people, flora and fauna from the Australian summer and potential fire threats...


Protecting our culture is an important part of Barapa Land & Water. Our team are able to work with you on your development to review the impacts on aboriginal objects and places through the development of environmental...


Barapa Land & Water are able to bring your outdoor space to life, bringing together traditional Aboriginal cultural elements with the desired utilisation and look and feel of the space. Specialising in commercial and private contracts for the establishment of landscapes...


Barapa Land & Water’s vision is to create and secure opportunities for our community, continue cultural practices on our traditional country.

We aim to increase cultural practices, values and connection to country, land, and water, for all, from elders to the next generations.

Creating, healthier community with knowledge and skills, caring for families and country, increasing local, regional, state, and federal economic participation, development and growth.

Self Determination in community care, employment, training, and education for the health and wealth of our community, gaining cultural knowledge, skills and experience and continuing our cultural heritage by caring for families, community and country both in land and waters.

We aim to improve the health and wellbeing of the Barapa Barapa people, relieve poverty or sickness within the community and advance education and employment prospects of our people. We will do this while also promoting, protecting, nurturing and restoring our lands via land and water resource management. Working with government departments and other private landowners to deliver a healthier country, via natural resource management and by using our ancestral cultural knowledge and practices.



We provide a range of services to Local Government organisations (Bendigo Shire Council) and State Government agencies such as DELWP...

Private Construction

We are available to tackle any project you may have when it comes to Landcare, land regeneration, landscaping, Civil engineering and burns...

Renewable Energy

We are able to work with you on ensuring the natural environment surrounding your renewable energy farm is supporting both the environment...

Our team


CEO and Owner

Deborah is a proud Barapa Barapa woman. Raised on a dairy farm and working on sheep stations, Deborah loves the land and all it has to offer.

Deborah has a wealth of experience and knowledge both in mainstream and Aboriginal services, with more than 30 years working in health, wellbeing in community services. This has given Deborah a good understanding of people, families and the impact from their environment and their connection to country and community to their health and wellbeing.

Deborah has a Masters in Business Management, along with an Advanced Diploma in Business Management which both speak to her skills in leading the organisation.


General Manager

Nathan has a wealth of experience in the management, development and growth of Traditional Owner led businesses with extensive experience in strategy and policy development, Healthy Country Planning, Program Management and Delivery.


With a PhD in ecology and over 20 years experience in private and public land conservation as well as business development  Nathan brings significant experience to support the continued growth and  development of Barapa Land and Water.



Shaun is a trained General Fire Fighter (GFF) and is trained in Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management (ACHM). He also has 15 years’ experience as a qualified mechanic.



Amanda brings a wealth of experience the Barapa Land and Water through here long term support of the development of the business as well as here knowledge of on-ground management and delivery of a broad range of projects