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The Barapa Land & Water Vision

To create and secure opportunities for our community whilst continuing cultural practices on our traditional country.

We aim to increase cultural practices, values and connection to country, land, and water, for all, from elders to the next generations.

Creating, healthier community with knowledge and skills, caring for families and country, increasing local, regional, state, and federal economic participation, development and growth.

Self determination in community care, employment, training, and education for the health and wealth of our community, gaining cultural knowledge, skills and experience and continuing our cultural heritage by caring for families, community and country both in land and waters.

Selected Services

Cultural Burns

by barapa land & Water

Preparing for fire season is so important across Australia, the right preparation can help protect our assets, people, flora and fauna from the Australian summer and potential fire threats...


By Barapa Land & Water

Barapa Land and Water are able to bring your outdoor space to life, bringing together traditional Aboriginal cultural elements with the desired utilisation and look and feel of the space...

Pest Control

By Barapa Land & Water

Australia is home to a wide variety of imported pests such as foxes, pigs, and rabbits which impacts negatively on plants and soils which can potentially lead to erosion. This is also applicable to weeds...

about barapa barapa

History, Region, Culture, Heritage & Community

Barapa Barapa People have walked these lands for more than 60,000 years, cared for their Country and all that lies in it; its land, water, plants, and animals. The Barapa Barapa form part of the North-West Nations Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Group and undertake significant cultural heritage and Natural Resource Management work in the area.